Are Your Missing Out On Conversions?

Copyblogger often provides great insight into how to produce good quality content for your sites. A recent post on optimizing a landing page shows how little things can be changed to increase conversions. However, there was one suggestion that I almost scanned over without thinking, yet the effect on a website could be dramatic.

Before even starting on the landing page critique, Copyblogger made the following observation:

we had intermittent problems loading your site at all in Internet Explorer. Since this is still the most common web browser, resolving this problem should boost your traffic and conversion without any additional change on your part.

As I said I almost skipped passed it without thinking. But stop and consider that one statement for a moment. The site in question is receiving 400 visitors per day with a conversion of 3% at $30-$50 per conversion. That’s about 12 conversions per day. A nice income but not earth shattering.

However, if 65% of the visitors (Internet explorer uses) are having trouble with the site, that’s around 240 visitors, how many more conversions could they hope to achieve just by fixing that one error? That could probably double their conversion rate or at least lift it around 5% of all visitors – you do the maths – and an extra 8 visitors even at the lower end of the scale is still a good increase in income.

The moral to that one little piece of the Copyblogger article, make sure your site works well in the browsers that matter. Another piece of advice – when reading content from authorities like Copyblogger – make sure you ‘read’ it – you never know what gems you might miss.

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