Google Closes Another Blogging Income Stream

For those bloggers that use Google’s AdSense video units, you are about to feel the pinch of the recession. Google will close down these ad units at the end of April. In a strange twist, one of the reasons is that too few bloggers used them on their sites. The bottom line for Google is that these units failed to deliver a decent revenue stream.

In better times, Google may have held on to them – perhaps even pushed for more sites to carry them, but in today’s economic climate, sales drop off sharply when an advertising medium fails to produce the goods.

Whilst videos are popular at present, I have my doubts when it comes to advertising across them. It is a little too much like television – if people want advertising on video they will simply turn on the television – history is showing that more people are turning of the tele due to in-your-face type advertising.

Where video is proving to be successful in advertising is where the video itself is the advert. This is particularly true if the video clip is different; either funny or standing out from the crowd. These videos hardly need any selling – they become viral quite quickly with people adding them to their sites freely.

With the recession starting to bite, blogging income is becoming harder to obtain. However, even in a recession there are sectors of the commercial world that increase sales. Advertising or forming an affiliate with those particular products could be a more profitable way to go. For now, the video ad unit is being erased from the Google stable.

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