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King Solomon’s Casino Unveils Findings of Player-Profile Study

Yielding results sure to raise eyebrows, one of the world’s leading online gaming destinations, King Solomon’s Casino (www.kscasino.com), today released the findings of its recently commissioned player-profile study. According to the study, online gambling has become a rapidly growing pastime among young, professional women.

“Understanding and providing the types of games, rewards and services players desire is a hallmark of King Solomon’s Casino, and nowhere is that more evident than in the rapid rise in our female membership,” said Dominic Mansour, marketing consultant for King Solomon’s Casino. “We commissioned this survey, in part, to discover if there were any differences between the sexes when it comes to their approach, tactics and attitude towards online gambling.”

Of the 1,000 interviewees randomly selected from King Solomon’s database, 51 percent were women. The following results were discovered:

* 78 percent of the women interviewed participate in online gambling for relaxation purposes and to unwind from a hard day’s work. Conversely, 69 percent of men play solely to win money;

* Women play with the same amount of money as men, but take three times longer to spend it as they believe they are being diligent and calculating;

* Male players preferred card games such as Blackjack, as they feel there is more of a skill element to the playing technique. Female customers tend to prefer slot machines, as they feel more in control;

* Surprisingly, the majority of King Solomon’s big winners (winnings of more than $25,000) have historically been and remain, women;

* 59 percent of the women interviewed are in full-time careers, with only 5 percent claiming a career as a professional gambler.

London-based psychologist Dr Sidney Crown added, “The Unique Casino research illustrates that women are the more cautious sex, but they still seek the same senses of excitement and anticipation as men. These feelings are obviously the instincts that drive people to gamble and ultimately succeed. The changing stereotypes within the working environment are starting to impact on our chosen hobbies and leisure activities, and it is interesting to see that so many professional career women choose gambling as a recreational past time.”

King Solomon’s Casino can be found online at http://www.kscasino.com. Interviews with Dr. Sidney Crown, and further information regarding King Solomon’s player-profile study are available upon request.

About King Solomon’s Casino

Launched in 1998 and authorized by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, King Solomon’s was among the Internet’s first full-service casinos. Offering more than 40 exciting games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Slots, King Solomon’s was voted ‘Best-Known Internet Casino Brand’ in a 2001 study conducted by River City Group. Additionally in 2001, King Solomon’s was bestowed Gambling.com’s coveted ‘Most Honest Casino’ award. King Solomon’s caters to players around the globe by offering its games and services in seven different languages, while simultaneously ensuring all data and transactions are 100 percent safe by using the most advanced encryption technology available.

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