Perhaps Twitter Is A Useful Reputation Management Tool

It seems there are some big businesses keeping one ear open in the Twitter world and using the information gathered as part of their reputation management strategies. There is no argument that a site such as Twitter has the power to start a firestorm when it comes to negative comments, I still wonder how much time is needed to keep that ear to the ground.

The bigger business, the harder it is to keep all customers satisfied. There will be times when, despite the best customer service protocols in place, one of your employees is going to slip up – we are after all human. Reputation management is one of the most important components to a businesses longevity so protecting it and promoting positive aspects has to be a long term goal that is monitored daily.

I wrote piece a couple of days ago on “Reputation Management Using Twitter” describing Google’s use of Twitter for reputation management – the latest example shows the benefits to an organization in watching Tweets. More importantly, the promotion of this case will lead to many others using Twitter to voice their complaints – however trivial they may be.

The situation I refer to involved one of Australia’s largest banks and a disgruntled customer who was given the run-around for a home loan final approval. Tentative approval had been granted and the sale had reached the point of contract exchange – in other words, hand over the money and here are the keys. The customer Tweeted about their frustration and the fact they whole sale could collapse costing them thousands in forfeited deposits. Within 30 minutes of the Tweet going to air, the bank was on the phone, the loan approved and by days end, the contracts exchanged.

Who was ‘listening’ to the Tweets – none other than the general manager for customer service. Not only has the bank saved its reputation, the promotion of the speed of the ‘fix’ has probably improved their reputation.

I do return have doubts when it comes to Twitter and reputation management. I am yet to see a cost/time/benefit study when it comes to ‘watching’ for Tweets that may or may not arise. This case certainly highlights the benefits. However, as I have already mentioned, it will also encourage a lot of others to use Twitter to voice any complaints.

There are several software packages available that scour the web looking for any mention of your business, products or brand. I am sure they will also include Twitter in their scope – if not now then, if they are any good, at some time soon. They watch over your business so you can work on your business, your SEO and your reputation management.

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