PKR-Poker Tournament Leaderboard April 27th

It’s that time of the week again, and the PKR leader boards are still in full swing. Here we look for upsets, players coming out of nowhere and heated head to head battling in the upper ranks. Let’s take a peek at the leader board this week and see what people have done. The month is almost over so point totals are high and there’s likely tension in the air.

With the end of the month approaching it seems point totals are spaced out enough where there won’t be much change in the last couple days. The leader has 54,016 points right now which is a 21,000 point lead over the number two spot. The leader being farryboy and number two being Dark87.

There was no change in the top seven of the leader board this month which is pretty uncommon. First through seventh is as follows; farryboy, Dark87, PaTrickTonFion,crackku,gladheateher,deboite45 and BRANTZ. Moving up three spots to number eight is sourshark and HansTeeuwen bitcoin blackjack moves up one to ninth. Capping off the top ten is FlyingLure who moved down two spots but still hung on in the top ten. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full Leaderboard.

The only other player to make a notable jump just snuck into the top 25 and that player is CallmeTheNuts who moved up fourteen spots to 25th overall. It doesn’t look like the top three are going to change in the next couple days, but others in the top ten have a chance to move around a bit. We’ll see where things end up next week, keep your eyes peeled to see if anything crazy happens before then! If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

Lucky for all you avid FlopTurnRiver readers it’s that time of the week again. Yeah, the PKR Poker weekly leader board updates are happening right here as requested. The excitement is always hot over at PKR and this week was no exception to the rule. Every week we see someone usurping the competition or coming out of left field to start getting close to the top ranks. Let us see what this week had in store for us, shall we?

To start off things farryboy has been holding solid in the top rankings and takes the top spot. PaTrickTonFion moved up one today to hit number two while pushing Dark87 to number three, another player who frequents the top ten on a regular basis. Crackku is sticking around and moved up to fourth place while gladheateher (what an interesting name) moved down to fifth. CantBullyMe stuck to sixth place but HansTeeuwen moved up a spot to seventh to bite at his heels. BRANTZ stuck around in the top ten but moved down to 8th place while kraftwerk71 and cashier1 held out the 9th and 10th spots with no changes overall. If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

It seems like the top ten has been pretty consistent in the past couple of weeks. We have an occasional player come out of nowhere and show up, but that didn’t happen this week. Everyone seems to be ‘comfortable’ in their niche, but I am sure someone is going to try to take the top spot away from farryboy by the end of the month. We’ll see who tries to do it, and if anyone manages an upset!

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