Tiltoholic wins Full Tilt Poker 289bet XVIII Event 32

Event #32 in this year’s MiniFTOPS went off with a bang. 17,746 players entered the $24+$2 6 max tournament for a prize pool $354,920. The 289bet event was hosted by Shawn Buchanan, the tournament pro with over $3 Million in tournament winning. Tiltoholic took the title of MiniFTOPS champion and the jersey.

The final 6 players were Tiltoholic, CptnSpalding, TimWakefield, TheMoneyShot10, da_professional, and jiaOmoney. Tiltoholic came into the final table as one of the smaller stacks but played well and survived, getting down to heads up before rallying to make take the chip lead and the title.

All in preflop was the name of the game at the final table. The first four players who were knocked got all the chips in preflop; big flip after big flip made for a fun sweat. The final table went by super quick, with the big stacks winning almost all of the all in preflop flips. Boom, boom, boom, players got knocked out in rapid succession.

Here are the key hands from the final table:

With 6 players left and with blinds at 250K/500K, 60K ante, jiaOmoney ships all in preflop with Q9, TimWakefield calls with 99 and fades over cards for the win, taking his stack to 10.2 million.

With 5 players left da_professional  goes all-in from the small blind with 77 for 3.69 million to get called by CptnSpalding in the bb with QJ off, CptSpalding hits his queen to take the pot and bring his stack to 51 million.

With 4 players left TheMoneyShot10 ships all in on the button with Q10. CptnSpalding calls in the BB with A9 and holds for the win to get his stack to 60 million.

With 3 players remaining and blinds still at 250K-500K, Tim Wakefield gets it all in preflop with K10 vs tiltoholics 99 and fails to improve, leaving it heads up CptnSpalding vs Tiltoholic.

CptnSpalding went into heads up with a 56 million stack versus 32 million for Tiltoholic. 1st and second were originally 52,684 and 35,137, they agree to a deal where CptnSpalding received 44,467, Tiltoholic got 40,353 and they played for the remaining 3k and the jersey.

The deciding hand heads up: Tiltoholic and CptnSpalding got it all in on a flop of 3d 5s 2d. CptnSpalding tabled Qd6d versus Jd5d for Tiltoholic who also had a pair to go with his flush draw. Board came down 3d 5s 2d 3c 9s and a pair of 5′s mean that Tiltoholic is our miniFTOPS event #32 champion!

Final table payouts.

Tiltoholic           $43,353.56

CptnSpalding      $44,467

TimWakefield      $24,489

TheMoneyShot10 15,793

da_professional  $10,115

jiaOmoney              $6,991

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