Why Calorie Controlled Diets Are Not Effective

Calorie controlled diets don’t work. Statistics prove that over 95% of dieters fail to keep the weight off that they’ve lost over the course of a diet, but worse than that many go on to gain a lot more weight than they had before. Why is this?

There are many factors involved here, but these are my top 10 reasons why calorie controlled diet’s don’t work…

#1 Restricting calories below those needed for general everyday energy needs will force your body to go in to starvation mode.

#2 Instead or burning calories, your body will try extra hard to store them to ensure there are enough available to keep the internal organs working effectively.

#3 Your metabolic rate, slows down in an attempt to conserve energy, and minimise the expenditure of more calories than needed.

You will experience the strongest cravings for all the wrong types of foods. High sugar fat foods will be on your mind constantly as your body attempts to force you in to replenishing its calorie stores.

#5 Energy levels will be very low due to a lack of sufficient calories to provide you with enough fuel for movement.

#6 You’ll be forced in to a battle of willpower, one which is very hard to win because you’re attempting to overthrow you body’s own internal survival mechanisms.

#7 There is no room for treats or high-calorie luxuries on a calorie controlled diet, which is something that every healthy balanced diet should occasionally include.

#8 You won’t be able to carry on everyday life as usual. Because you need to be so strict, you’ll be limited to the things you can do that don’t take you over your daily calorie limits.

#9 You’ll only be able to maintain such a restrictive diet for a short amount of time because of the strict nature of the diet.

#10 Beware of the famous weight gain rebound following any calorie controlled diet. This is because of two things. First, during your diet you will lose fat and a substantial amount of muscle. When you lose muscle, you also reduce the potential to burn fat; therefore, your metabolic rate will be much slower.

Secondly, your body will always look to protecting itself and sees this latest reduction in calories as a threat to its existence and, as a result, will attempt to store more calories as body fat to ensure its future survival. You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here

My advice is not to try any short-term calorie controlled diet as they simply don’t work. They’re over facing, don’t provide long-term results and can be damaging to your health.

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